Tuesday, June 28, 2011

001. Hello!

I've tried this blog thing many times and I always start it up and just FAIL completely. :( I really want to start again, so let's give it another shot.

My name's Jennifer, but you can call me Jen. Most people do anyway. I'm 27 living in a small town southeast of Houston, Texas. I'm a mother to [almost] seven year old triplets (no you did not read that wrong) and a two and a half month old. I've been married for seven years to R who was born and raised in Mexico and moved here when he was about 17, I'm about 90% fluent in Spanish. I have my diploma in Medical Coding & Billing, and come this fall will be working on my Associates in Health Information .. still haven't decided if I want H.I. Management or Technology (there is a difference right? haha) I have about 3 weeks to decide.

I've been blogging, dealing with web design and things for a looong time, but since becoming a mommy & when I was working it definitely was moved to the back burner. Now that I'm a stay at home mom again, I figured I'd start this up once again. I miss it.

I think that is it for now. Just a glimpse of me, I guess. Hopefully, I'll get to meet some people and we can learn more about each other! :)

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