Tuesday, June 28, 2011

002. Umm .. Scratch That!

I have driven by Schlotzsky's for many of years and never have actually gone in to see what it was about. Not too long ago, I saw they were now serving Cinnabuns and we all know that those are just die for. So I made it a goal of mine (heh .. what a goal!) to try it one of these days, and today I did.

The kids had vacation bible school today, and may I say I think I'm in love with the idea of evening VBS, just fyi. So after hanging around for a little while until they went off in their groups, I left and was wanting to get something to eat. It was either a little dessert at sonic, and find something at home, or try out Schlotzsky's. Although, I am a drive thru girl, considering I had never been to the place I didn't want to sit for 5 minutes holding up a line so I went inside. Everything looked oh so yummy so I ordered a pizza and of course the cinnabun. Went home, and ate one piece of the pizza and it was just oh so good. I took time to update my Facebook with "Schlotzsky's pizza = yum .. Cinnabun w/o having to go to the mall = YUM all this just down the street = YUMMMMM" So I eat the whole pizza except for one piece and move to the cinnamon roll. Oh I couldn't wait. ... Talk about disappointment. :( It was barely warm, the pastry part was just tough and it was not all I remember a cinnabun being. Then when going back to my last single piece of pizza .. it had cooled, obviously, and just tasted gritty. I don't even know what it was but I was not impressed.

I definitely plan to head over to schlotzskys.com to share my first experience. I am THAT person that will email over missing items & poor service. I had once gotten McDonald's coupons because of things like that. I used to work in fast food and some places do not play at all. You were missing something in your bag, something was cold, etc. they give you coupons and free food just to win you back.

Every Sunday, R, loves to eat crawfish. He can sit and eat 5lbs+ by himself, no joke. Well one Sunday he bought 7lbs and he had claimed they looked "dirty". Yet he still ate them because his brother claimed "that's they way they are". Well the next Sunday we bought the 7lbs from the same place and I didn't want to say anything because how is a seafood house going to serve "dirty" crawfish. But R made me call them back and mention the problem. I laughed, because I could've sworn she said "I'll have them wash them 10 times." On my way there, I saw it was nearing 10 oclock and I didn't want to get there and they be closed and just not give me my order. She said I was doing good and my 10lbs was ready. Say wha-?! When I got there, there was a big huge aluminum container full of crawfish and she had mentioned once again, that there was 10lbs in there. So all because I called and complained for something I ordered last week I get some extra this week? Wow!

So if anything ever happens when you're out and about don't just shrugg it off. You could gain coupons for your next visit or even just a whole replacement for the item you were unsatisfied with. Don't be afraid!

001. Hello!

I've tried this blog thing many times and I always start it up and just FAIL completely. :( I really want to start again, so let's give it another shot.

My name's Jennifer, but you can call me Jen. Most people do anyway. I'm 27 living in a small town southeast of Houston, Texas. I'm a mother to [almost] seven year old triplets (no you did not read that wrong) and a two and a half month old. I've been married for seven years to R who was born and raised in Mexico and moved here when he was about 17, I'm about 90% fluent in Spanish. I have my diploma in Medical Coding & Billing, and come this fall will be working on my Associates in Health Information .. still haven't decided if I want H.I. Management or Technology (there is a difference right? haha) I have about 3 weeks to decide.

I've been blogging, dealing with web design and things for a looong time, but since becoming a mommy & when I was working it definitely was moved to the back burner. Now that I'm a stay at home mom again, I figured I'd start this up once again. I miss it.

I think that is it for now. Just a glimpse of me, I guess. Hopefully, I'll get to meet some people and we can learn more about each other! :)
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