Monday, April 30, 2012

A Picking We Will Go!

I remember, when I was a kid, a family friend taking us to go and pick strawberries. I don't remember it very well, but definitely have the faint memory of us bending over a bush and picking. A week or so ago while on Facebook, I saw a friend's pictures of her family at a local fruits and vegetable farm. After I saw this, I was determined to go.

Yesterday, I woke up early in excitement to go. And of course it being the weekend, so were the kids. I was so excited I was dreaming about it! But I dreamed it was raining and we didn't get to go! Yikes, glad that didn't happen. I forgot I had invited my sister, so after waiting at out local McDonald's for about 2 hours, we were READY to go!!

The fields were located right behind this little store. After going in, and being greeted by DELICIOUS samples of their homemade smoked sausage we headed towards the back. After purchasing a bucket and going over the rules, we were free to go.

The strawberries were beautiful. I'm used to seeing them in the store, where they're about to go bad and have bad spots. These we're just perfect.

There were just rows and rows full of the bushes. It seemed never ending.

And like I said before they had a little store in front. I'm guessing this was like a farmer's market type store, hint the name "fruit & vegetable farm" haha. I wish I was able to browse some more, everything looked so delicious. Huge onions, homemade fried pies, chocolate covered almonds & raisins .. Even a smokehouse just right next door.

Excuse the nail polish! I got smart and tested a polish on my thumb .. have yet to make the effort to clean it off. haha

This was a great way to spend the Sunday. Had I known my mother had the day off, it would've been a full family event.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Our Home

I can't believe in one month, it'll be a year that we moved into our place. Our OWN place.

I tell you though, it was some work. Many weeks of cleaning up and getting things ready to move in. Signing contracts and watching our money fly out the window with things like home refinance rates, homeowners insurance, deposits .. WOW! Never even thought of all of that when it came down to it all. But I did like buying the many MANY things that went along with the house. ;) Who doesn't like shopping? But the biggest down fall? Try doing this with three 6 year olds and a newborn. *sigh* It was a stressful time for us all especially in this Texas heat.

Little J stretching his legs. | Crashing after a long day of cleaning.

But in the end, it was all worth it! We now have a place to do as we please. The biggest pro of it all, and my husband loves this part, is the fact we have a yard. A YARD! And cookouts are our most favorite thing. What? Some friends are coming over and we're going to crank up the grill and just hang out? Why yes we are! Of course you cannot forget the birthday parties!

I could go on about all the good, even throw in some bad, but the most wonderful part about OUR home is that everyone finally got the space that was needed. No more being cramped in an itty bitty apartment. So lucky to have a place where the kids can grow up and we can finally sleep easy.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

I'm not real big into nature and all that jazz. I only say this because when you're from Houston it goes from "winter" straight to summer and so we don't get the chance to experience spring. Going outside to enjoy ANYTHING is impossible without having a heat stroke or getting bit by mosquitoes.

Well today, I decided to do a little something special for Earth Day. My kids have been counting down the days and constantly reminding me the day will be approaching. So I figured, why not? If I could have found my keys in a timely manner, the day would have been awesome. I was ready to leave about 9:30/10:00 and the weather outside was GREAT! About 65 degrees and a breeze, buuut we didn't head out 'til noon.

So everyday I pass by this place with a sign that says "Nature Center". I never think anything of it, but knew it'd be a great place to take the kids today. Basically all it is is a pathway, that probably equals out to a mile, where you can walk and enjoy the trees, some flowers and such. I personally would have liked it more had the trail been more manicured and maybe even a garden or something, but the kids loved it.

After walking for a bit, we came up to this sign that said "Bird Blind". Blind? What?

"Viewing blinds provide the chance to observe different species of birds without disturbing them."

So we go off the path into a more beaten up walkway and then come up to a board with holes. I have never seen such a thing. It was just a way to hide yourself and see everything. Had there been birds, I think that would have been a sight!

After a few more bird blinds, we decided to take the "Loop Path". Bad.Idea. This was a path OUTSIDE the wooded area. Another beaten up walk way that seemed to last forever. Friday, we got a full day of rain, so along this path there were still some puddles and such. You can add the mosquitoes now. Outside of the shade and with the tall grass and puddles it was just so muggy. See this is why I don't like nature. But we did see a bee on a flower and the kids gushed how that the bee was gathering its nectar. And then they saw random berry like things and the middle of the three had to let everyone know that it was "poisonous".

All in all, besides my Debbie Downer "It's too hot, why am I walking?" the kids had a great time .. ENJOYING NATURE!

Even this little one. :)

Images by Freepik