Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tooth Fairy

Think of all the milestones kids go through, multiply those by three. Now usually it wouldn't be that big of deal: first steps, first words, etc. But what about teeth?! I don't know how many teeth we have *starts counting* like 20 something? But now multiply THAT by three! And think, a dollar a tooth! Now in our house the tooth fairy occasionally forgets. But I once told one of the boys (who lost 3 teeth within a week), when the fairy forgot, was to write a note asking for more money. He was a six year old kid already doubting the reality of the tooth fairy!! So that day she left two dollars.

Well now, since January, my daughter finally loses her third tooth. I told her to leave it on her dresser because the tooth fairy couldn't get up that high in her loft bed. Well looks like she forgot again! Well her brother came up to her and said, "if you write a note, the tooth fairy gives you more money."

So this is her letter:
Dear Tooth Fairy,
I think that you missed me, or I think you was giving the dollars to other kids and you ran out of dollars.

Oh my! If the fairy keeps getting letters like that, I'm sure she'll go broke REAL quick!

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