Saturday, July 2, 2011

003. *SIGH*

A couple of nights ago, my brother in law's friend came over to look at our air conditioner.

Ever since we moved into our trailer, running the a/c alone was just unbearable. It wasn't blowing hard enough to cool the place down. And well, we're in Texas so you know the heat is insane. We knew something was wrong with it because at night you could freeze your tush off, but once the sun came up you were sweating bullets. We tried everything to putting foil on the windows, putting blankets in between the window and curtain to darken the room. Nothing was working. My dad was so generous in "donating" one of his big window units. Once that was installed in the living room, it felt amazing.

Well, brother in law's friend got it working to where you could put your hand, mid-wall and feel the blowing of the a/c. I was so excited. But twice the a/c decided to freeze up and shut down. So yesterday we were relying on that one window unit to cool us down. 3 kids, 3 adults & a baby .. heh not likely.

There was always talk of buying 2 more units, one to go in our bedroom and the other in the boys' room. Their room is right in front so the sun heats it up like no other. But like I said .. all talk. Until finally when we spent not even 24hrs with the main a/c off, R had sent me to Wal-Mart to buy a little a/c for our room. (the kids spend most of their days in the living room we figured to hold off a couple of weeks to get their unit).

Talk.About.Heaven! It felt so great last night. I am so glad that my husband has been supportive through all this. If it would have been years ago, he would be saying that we could live without a/c blah blah blah .. but now I think he's gotten used to the fact a cool house, is a happy house.

Although, I still think it lit a fire under his booty when I told him the kids and I were going to be sleeping in the living room last night, because of the heat. He knew what he needed to do. haha

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