Saturday, July 2, 2011

004. Cereal Containers

You know those plastic containers that have the nifty spout, the indention where it is easy to grab and keeps you from having to deal with the boxes & bags of cereal? Well then you know how much they cost right?! Granted you can say "not that much" but when you know the alternative and how much IT costs you'd want to make the switch.

Your run of the mill pitcher. That's right ...

And the best part is .. I got that for 1.00$ at Wal-Mart. Yep! It was in the clearance section with all the other picnic accessories after, I do believe, 4th of July. And all you do is open the cereal, pour it and voila!

Doesn't look that bad does it? Now I do you warn you, with the 2qt pitchers, some of the whole boxes don't fit in one pitcher. The only downside. But my kids eat a TON of cereal, so within a day I can put the remaining bag into the pitcher. It always works out.

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