Sunday, September 25, 2011

15 Years Later...

Ever since moving into our new place, the boys have had their vcr just sitting on top of their tv. I never wanted to go searching for a cord, or messing with the digital converter box. You know, the in & out on the back of the vcr .. which one goes in which?

But one day this past week, I went in there to clean up. It was horrible as stuff was just jammed into the closet, clothes in the toy box .. I knew I'd be in there for a while. So I brought in the exersaucer for the baby and hooked up the vcr in hopes he'd be entertained by Elmo. So far my 5 month old is not intrigued with the tv .. show him an iPod and you got a different story.

When the kids got home and saw the vcr was hooked up they were already making a line up of what movies they'd watch. So far, The Goofy Movie has been on replay for a week now. No joke.

I think it's hilarious though, because this weekend I've been hearing one song in particular being played over and over. I told them, that I had seen the movie a hundred times when I was a little older than they were but they never knew what I used to do to that movie! lol

15 years ago, my sister and I would play that movie over and over as well. We would even take our Astroworld Bugs Bunny ears, which I think were supposed to substitute for Goofy ears haha, and act out the concert (which is the 2nd song on the video)! At the house we grew up in, our closet doors were the ones that opened from both sides (picture 2 doors that would swing open opposite sides) and we'd bust through them and sing and dance. We had it down!

I just can't believe that 15 years later, the kids are acting the same way we were.

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