Monday, September 26, 2011

Fax Zero

I had to come over, real quick and post about this awesome service.

Just last month, I sent a 14 page fax in hopes of renewing a service I had. Over at my local copy store, I paid almost 15 dollars, and this didn't include the copies I had to make for everything to go through the fax machine. Well the next day when I called to verify that they received the fax, they didn't. Well lovely ol me had cleaned out my purse the night before and trashed the receipt AND confirmation page, so when I went back, I had to pay yet another 15 dollars. The 2nd time's a charm, in this case, I guess.

Well Friday I had made a switch with my power company and they offered a waiver of my deposit, only if I showed proof of a certain document. The guy said I needed to fax it over. The thought of loading up all 4 kids, driving to my nearest copy store - at least 15 minutes away - and paying money I didn't have, was not appealing. I even asked if there was anyway I could email a copy of it. He told me no, but I was not going to pay that big deposit.

I had heard about faxing services online, but was very skeptical. To me it didn't seem like something I wanted to trust sending my documents with but I was kind of desperate.

I scanned it and sent it on Saturday, I got an email SAYING it was sent, but I was still weary. Early this morning I got a call, stating they received the document, but it wasn't the one they needed. So I faxed the one that would suit them and about an hour later, they called me back and said my deposit was waived and I would have my service connected on the 29th.

I seriously did a little happy dance!

This place is what I need! Although, to send it free, the max is 3 pages and they place an ad on the cover page .. I really wouldn't mind at all. If you need to send more than 3 (less than 15), they charge like 1.99! That is not bad at all! I love this place, and hope you can find some use out of it as well.

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  1. Yipee! I need to check it out. I don't use a land line so faxing can be tricky. You sure have a lot of energy!..I'm following you from


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