Saturday, October 15, 2011

Men ...

Today marks our seven year wedding anniversary. I knew he wouldn't remember but I didn't want to call him up at work and try to explain what today was, so I just sent him a text message.

"feliz aniversario!"
happy anniversary

That was at 6p .. I hear nothing back. :( As it got time for him to be home, a good 20 minutes had passed and he still hadn't made it. I remember making up my bed (yeah I wait til the end of the day for that .. I'm bad I know) and thinking "I don't want to call ... maybe he's out buying me something!!" haha one can wish, right?

Before going on you should know .. a) Aunt Flow b) extreme exhaustion & c) tooth pain that only vicodin can handle, roll this into one and you've got a ticking time bomb. Just keep this in mind.

Well after changing the baby's diaper that the smell had filled up the whole room out into the hall, and dealing with two seven year olds fighting with each other, that whole thought went out the window and I got impatient. I called him asking where he was and I guess I had a tone to my voice and he wanted to know why I was freaking out on him. Why couldn't I be all "Hi honey how was your day? Are you on your way?" I bring up that why hadn't he called me back, that how did he not know what today was. I'm already starting to cry here - remember that time bomb? While on the phone he had mentioned that he hadn't ate anything all day, that it was really busy at work and was hoping maybe I had made him something. I didn't even think about this earlier while cleaning up and dealing with the kids, so as soon as I hung up I made something simple as tortillas with ham and cheese. It's one of his fave "dishes" and it was fast.

He comes home, strolls into the kitchen and looks over my shoulder and just makes a face. "I'm not hungry" Apparently, on his way home, he decided to treat himself to his own anniversary dinner - I guess I lost my invitation in the mail? Tacos from Taco Cabana, which so happens to be one of my favorite places .. Wait! You didn't hear that explosion? You had done forgot about the ticking time bomb already?!

I had long ago forgave him about forgetting our anniversary. There's really no use in trying to make him remember. He can call me and I barely miss his call, I return it within two minutes and he can't even remember why he had originally called me. But to stop and get something to eat ... and not bring me any?! Of course I'm sitting there like a blubbering idiot and he's got this look on his face like "what the heck is going on!?!" MEN!!!! When will they ever understand!?

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