Friday, December 16, 2011

Project Pinterest #2 - White Chicken Chili

Recipe @ heatovento350

Have I said how much my husband loves soups? When I first saw this, the beans caught my eye at first. Then the avocado and from there I knew I had to make this.

The only things I did to this was I didn't mince the onions and jalapenos .. For one my chopper's broke (*tear*) and second I knew he'd like the chunkiness. Also, I just cooked this on the stove top. I love the concept of the crockpot but there are times when I get the inspiration to cook something (mainly something I find online) and definitely do not have the time for the slow cooker. Oh and used one can less of the beans, which in the end worked out pretty well with the onions and jalapeno chunks.

Husband has yet to come home so I can get an official yay or nay but from the little tastes I had (it had jalapeno!! not my cup of tea) I thought it wasn't that bad!! :) I could tell it was very hearty though! Can't wait to see what he says!

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